LG LD-2293THB Integrated Dishwasher

LG is a trusted appliance manufacturer. One of their most interesting technologies is the slim direct drive motor which is featured in their latest appliance models. This motor delivers optimum performance while also being very quiet. Furthermore, its slim, shape allows for extra loading space which in fact means extra kitchen space. This dishwasher can be acquired for $900. This is an average price for modern dishwashers but let’s see if this particular model rises up to the standards imposed by the competition.

  • Main features

The slim inverter drive motor delivers a variable spray intensity which is very efficient in increasing the washing performance. The LG LD-2293THB Integrated Dishwasher features a dual washing system that alternates water intensity between the bottom and the top rack. This feature is great for delicate glassware, but also for heavily caked dishes. In fact, you can wash both delicate glasses and dirty pots in the same cycle. This allows you to save both time and energy. The LD-2293THB model also features a UV lamp that damages bacteria and stops their reproduction thus sterilizing the dishes.

  • Capacity

LG LD-2293THB Integrated Dishwasher has a 12 place setting capacity, which makes it ideal for a medium household. The racks are easily loaded and they provide a decent space. However, we would have liked the racks to offer more flexibility in order to be able to adjust the loading space. Generally, dishwashers that feature a slim motor have a more flexible loading space, but this is not the case with this particular model.

  • Energy ratings, noise output, and warranty

LG LD-2293THB Integrated Dishwasher is an AAA class dishwasher, which means that it delivers optimal performance without increasing your utility bills. This dishwasher uses about 14 liters per cycle. If you are very conscious about the environment, you should know that there are similar dishwashers on the market which consume considerably less water. Nevertheless, they don’t always deliver the same washing performance and the few models that do are slightly more expensive. As far as the noise output goes, this dishwasher emits 44dB, which in our book is a reasonable noise level that causes no disturbance at all. This model comes with 12-year parts and a labor warranty.

  • Design

This fully integrated dishwasher features a modern stainless steel design. It can also be easily blended into the furniture by covering it with an integrated top.

Overall, this dishwasher model is quite efficient yet its price is a little spicy, considering its features. There are many similar models on the market which deliver an equal performance yet they also offer more convenient features. Given the slim motor, we were expecting this dishwasher to have a more flexible loading space yet that was not the case. Aside from this particular matter, the dishwasher presents itself very well.

DESIGN – 75%
NOISE – 75%



We like the performance features of this dishwasher yet we were disappointed by the lack of loading flexibility. Furthermore, the energy ratings don’t excel either.

User Rating: 4.9 ( 1 vote)

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