Bosch SHX7ER55UC Dishwasher Review

Buying an appliance is a daunting task that needs careful consideration. Generally, most people who want to buy a dishwasher must decide between affordability and top quality. Today we are going to talk about a top-class dishwasher. Bosch SHX7ER55UC costs $1,299 but its price is well justified by its performance, efficiency, and durability.
  • Main features

One of the main advantages of all Bosch dishwashers is their low decibel level. Bosch SHX7ER55UC makes no exception to this rule as it only emits 42 dB. Most customers often stated that this dishwasher is so quiet that they don’t even know whether or not it is running. While this was actually a compliment, Bosch took it as a challenge and included a floor beam in this dishwasher, which projects the cycle status and the remaining time onto the floor.

  • Performance

This Bosch dishwasher has 6 cycles and 5 options which allow the user to adjust the washing performance according to the needs of each load. You can choose between the heavy auto cycle, the glass cycle, the delicate cycle, the normal cycle, the rinse cycle and the express cycle.In order to improve the dish-washing performance and its durability, this model features a concealed heating element, a water softener, a variable spray pressure system and a 3 fold corrugated filter.

  • Capacity

Bosch SHX7ER55UC is best suited for medium and large households. It has a 15 place setting capacity, which is based on beautifully organized racks and baskets. The third rack is particularly interesting as it is height adjustable, thus allowing you to fit even tall dishes and glasses. Both the upper rack and the lower rack feature 4 flip tines which allow you to customize the loading space for all types of dishes, even the very big ones or the ones with unusual shapes. The dishwasher also features a cutlery basket.

  • Energy Rating and Warranty

Like all of the best dishwashers on the market, this Bosch model is Energy Star qualified, meaning that it is one of the most energy-efficient dishwashers in its class. However, it lacks an ECO cycle, which is found in most similar dishwashers. Nevertheless, it used very little energy and it will indeed help you save money on your utility bills. It has an estimated yearly cost of $27 based on average yearly consumption of 259 kilowatts. As far as durability goes, Bosch dishwashers are known to be amongst the best appliances on the market. Nevertheless, if brand alone does not convince you, this dishwasher comes with one of the best warranties: a one-year parts and labor warranty, a five-year racks and electronics warranty, and a lifetime warranty for the tub and the door liner.

DESIGN – 75%
NOISE – 90%



Bosch SHX7ER55UC is a top-quality dishwasher. We particularly like the floor beam which projects the cycle status and the remaining time indicator onto the floor. This was added due to the fact that the dishwasher is so quiet that you don’t even know when it is running.

User Rating: 2.55 ( 4 votes)

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