LG Truesteam D1484CF Dishwasher

Modern dishwashers have countless features and options yet their prices are exorbitant. However, it is also possible to find a reasonably priced dishwasher for a decent price. LG Truesteam D1484CF Dishwasher can be acquired for about $990. This price is pretty reasonable if you consider similar products on the market. Furthermore, this dishwasher has many modern features which will simplify your life greatly.

  • Main features

One of the main features of the LG Truesteam D1484CF Dishwasher is the Powerful TrueSteam™ technology which cleans even the dirtiest dishes with caked food stains without them being soaked or pre-rinsed beforehand. This technology cleans the dishes without damaging them or leaving them streaky. You can even wash delicate glasses at the same time without heavily caked pots. Like all modern LG dishwashers, the D1484CF model features the Inverter Direct Drive System, which increases the efficiency of the motor without increasing the energy consumption. This system also reduces noise levels. As you can see, this dishwasher is designed in order to deliver efficiency and comfort with minimum costs and effort. Furthermore, in order to settle your worries regarding the durability of this appliance, you should know that the Direct Drive motor comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Capacity

LG Truesteam D1484CF Dishwasher has a big capacity of 14 place settings, which makes it suitable for both medium and large households. The loading space is efficiently designed in order to accommodate all types of dishes. SmartRack™ offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to adjust the baskets according to your own needs. This dishwasher has 10 liters more space than conventional dishwashers due to the small Inverter Direct Drive Motor. Thus you can comfortably accommodate even large or weirdly shaped dishes. The dishwasher also features a v which is perfect for expresso cups, utensils, and cutlery.

  • Energy ratings


LG Truesteam D1484CF Dishwasher is an A+++ Energy Efficiency Class appliance which makes it one of the most energy-efficient dishwashers in its class. It uses steam technology, which effectively cleans heavily caked dishes without using more than the minimum amount of water.

  • Design

The D1484CF Dishwasher is a freestanding, built-in, integrated dishwasher that can look good in any kitchen. It features a LED display that has a running time indicator, a salt refill indicator, a rinse refill indicator, a child-lock indicator, and an error message indicator. The dishwasher is available in a modern and durable silver, stainless steel finish which matches all other types of modern appliances.

DESIGN – 75%
NOISE – 75%



We like the steam technology used by this dishwasher as it allows you to wash even heavily caked dishes in the same cycle as delicate glasses.

User Rating: 2.83 ( 3 votes)

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